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Algoscan was announced today as the latest project recipient as part of the massively successful Algorand Foundation Grants Program. Algoscan is a blockchain explorer built on top of Algorand putting UX/UI design at the forefront in an effort to increase on-chain transparency and accessibility for all users within the ecosystem. With Algoscan, we are committed to supporting developers, investors, and users alike by providing a more intuitive experience exploring the blockchain.

Why Build On Algorand?

Algorand was first introduced to us by some friends last year as one of the most promising project they had seen in crypto. Backed by an amazing team of developers and engineers solving the notorious Blockchain Trilemma Problem as well as an incredibly low block time finality, Algorand presented itself as an opportunity to get on the ground floor of what really could be the future of blockchain.

As software engineers experiencing an explosion in the DeFi movement first hand, we wanted to help bring exciting projects into the world of Algorand. While learning more about the Algorand Protocol and it’s underlying systems, we sought out to build Algoscan.

Introducing Algoscan

Visit Algoscan

Algoscan is a blockchain explorer built on the NextJS framework and supported by a highly available backend datastore running on AWS. This enables us to gain realtime access to transactional, asset, and block data with minimal overhead paving the way for future developments to the explorer as well as better integration with a variety of 3rd party decentralized applications.

With Algoscan, the goal from the start was to support users by putting design first and building out an explorer with a modern, fresh, easy-to-use interface.

Support for Mainnet, Betanet, Testnet

Switch between chains
Switch between chains

By default, Algoscan provides drop-in support across all 3 Algorand chains: Mainnet, Testnet, and Betanet.

We hope this will make it more accessible to developers deploying DApps or assets on dev chains to be able to take advantage of our modern application stack to debug and inspect transactional data.

Algorand Standard Asset (ASA) Integration

With the rise in popularity of both fungible/non-fungible tokens, one of our goals was to make asset information more accessible to end users with Algoscan. To that end, each user’s address page displays a list of assets they currently own:

We also provide detailed information about each asset including the minted supply and relevant address information:

Asset Page
Asset Page

Algoscan Functionality

In addition to being able to view data across all 3 chains and have better insight into asset information, with Algoscan, you will be able to do the following:

  • View realtime block and transaction data
  • Search through all blocks starting from genesis
  • View address information including balance and transaction history
  • View general node and market statistics on Mainnet
  • View the transaction history across all ASA’s
  • Search for Tx ID, Block, Address, or Asset ID

To start using Algoscan, visit our website: Be sure to also check out WaferFinance and follow us on Twitter 😃!

Future of WaferFinance and Algoscan

With the wrap of the grant project and initial release of Algoscan, we are excited to see what the future holds as we continue to develop and iterate on Algorand. The completion of this project has opened up the opportunity to further enrich the ecosystem as we build out DeFi apps, developer tools, or anything in between. It’s an exciting road ahead 😎.

Algoscan will continue to evolve as we build out additional functionality for the explorer (the next update is already in works by the time you read this).




Building the future on Algorand.

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